You Sir, are a cheeky cunt.


Anonymous asked: WhO yHoo LuViinG?! xOxoOX

So many people.
Like… Everyone. 


mathl3te asked: One of my friends started making fun of my tumblr the other day. It took me way too long to figure out he was taking the piss out of me. So gr8. WHY DOES EVERYONE MOCK ME SO D: </3

Was the mocking anywhere near the level of piss-taking which you endured from me? :L

K is for… Trape?

Is it such a thing? Or have I just coined the hottest new term for Tumblr rape.

^ I doubt that.

Anyway, my Tumblr was recently hijacked and a lot of questions were asked to people I don’t know.

Just thought I’d let you all know.

Conor out. 


wolfshadow22-deactivated2011121 asked: Hey!! Hows things?? Hows the study going :P

Things are good. :)
I’ll let you know when it starts. :P 

J is for… I’m not dead

The cool moment when people you don’t know start following you. >:D


I’m doing fup all these days, no more, no less.

Interesting as ever.

Incase you didn’t cop it, this is one of those posts that I put no effort into. (There won’t even be an end link =0)

So, now I’m off. My sister is ready to stab me. :/ But she can wait 15 more seconds.

Leaving cert… Work… Sleep…

Okay, I think we’re all up to date now. :)





Alright… I couldn’t do it! D:
Have you seen this?! It’s craaaaazy. 
Conor out. 

I is for… Seven months later…

Soo… This is awkward. 

Like most things, this blog was created with great intention.
Another thing this blog has in common with most things?
Those intentions went down the toilet.

I guess I’m sorry or whatever. I’m sure that all my eager fans were dismayed…




Nothing? Thanks.

I joke.

So, what’s new since my last post?

Ironically, I still have the flu. Which is wonderful by the way. It’s not as bad as last time thankfully. I can’t afford any time of school.

SCHOOL, oh yeah, that’s different. I’m not in my 6th and final year of Secondary Level education. The leaving cery is in full flow. LOVING IT.

I have a job.. In a bar… Very lad-ish, I know. But I really enjoy it and having a few euros never hurt anybody…. Other than the obvious.

Blah blah blah, I’m not dying.

I shall leave you with this


H is for… INFLUENZA!

Hey hey.. :D

Okay, so it’s been well over 20 days since my last post here. I’m a disgrace. But I have come bearing excuses! :P

As a lot of you know, I was banned from using the internet at my house for adding an extra 200 quid to the bill… Whatever..

I eventually convinced my Parents that I need the internet for school work or whatever, and they bought it. BUT the decided as a punishment, I could only use it downstairs on the home computer, and not my laptop.

Now, the reason I haven’t been on tumblr is this.. I don’t know my password. :L So I can’t EVER log in. Fortunately it’s saved on my laptop. But this means that until my full privileges are restored, I’ll have to rely on sneaking on, when I’m home alone…

On to the next order of business.. I have the dreaded.. INFLUENZA! *DUN DUN DUNNNN* Just the normal kind. But it’s pretty bad.I haven’t been able to get out of bed since tuesday.. :( I’m in a lot of pain, and probably won’t make it through the night. :L

The flu is viral? Am I right in saying that? I’m pretty damn sure I am. It isn’t bacterial..? Yes, it isn’t. So can anyone explain to me why the Doctor has put me on Antibiotics? I honestly cannot explain it..

I’m off now, and as always, I shall be leaving you with something. Quite old now, 10 points who can guess where it’s well known from! :D

Conor out.

G is for… Just back from Rome.

It’s been far too long since I’ve wrote on this.

But yeah, I’m back.. From Rome obviously, and it was amazing. It’s a beautiful city, full of beautiful people. ;D The city itself is incredible, history everywhere. The one fault I could find was that there weren’t many signs explaining things, which was unfortunate.

I did the full tour, seeing pretty much everything. The food.. oh the food. *Drools* It was mouth-watering, so delicious.

But less of that.

We’re in February, the month of.. Daffodils? And what not. But I think daffodils are the last thing on the minds of most Egyptians. It was rather awkward in the airport, the gate next to ours was heading to Cairo and there was only one person there… Awkward.

On a side note, out gate was called h8. Gangster or what?

I’m leaving you with this. It’s amazing.

Conor out.


mathl3te asked: I just squealed when I saw you wrote about Ennis :D Also she cannot be from Clare if she doesn't know what Ennis is. It is like the only place with more than ten people in the entire county...

I’m sure Ennis is a lovely place. :P

But yes, she was born in clare. Crazy stuff.

That’s better than Leitrim, I’m not sure if any one town has a stable population over 7.

F is for Dublin Adventure.

Currently listening to John Martyn… Just saying. :B

If you go to my school, then you already know this story.

The Young Scientist was on last week. A chance for the countries brightest, smartest and luckiest students to go up to Dublin and parade their ideas for 4 days. I didn’t get in this year, my project was.. For a lack of a better word shit. So I decided instead to visit friends of mine, who had gotten in. Because I live in *Leitrim*, if you get through to the YS, you get to stay in Bewley’s hotel. So while organising my trip up to meet my friends, I thought.. HEY, WHY NOT MAKE A WEEKEND OF THIS? And I decided that I would attempt to crash at the hotel with my mates.




It didn’t go as planned. -.- I got caught by my Principal (who usually never goes up) and I got in trouble.

The point of this story is… Leitrim sucks.

I’ll leave you with this..

Conor out.


icouldneverdoyouwrong-deactivat asked: You big blogger... what are you like. :')
ieowujrfslnkshgtupojfdvjf LOVE YOU

Ahaha. I thought this was all about blogging. I didn’t get that it was so social. :P



icouldneverdoyouwrong-deactivat asked: SINCE WHEN DID YOU HAVE TUMBLR D:


Got it recently to start a blog. 

Read them. :D :D